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Obliviously Offending the World, Teabag Edition

by Noni Mausa

From the Australian :
news service

Tea Party Obama ‘witchdoctor’ slur offends PNG October 01, 2009 02:46pm

PAPUA New Guinea tribesmen have demanded an apology from American political satirists who used their traditional dress in a witchdoctor slur against US President Barack Obama.

In the offending image, a headshot of Mr Obama was superimposed on a photograph of a PNG Highlands region man in full traditional costume, supposedly to portray the black President as an African witchdoctor.

Damien Arabagali, Hela Gimbu Association chairman, said PNG’s Foreign Affairs Minister and Cultural Minister would have to take up their demand.


HGA lawyer Alfred Kaibe, who wore his traditional Hela costume when sitting as a member of Parliament in 2001, said his people did not see the funny side.

“It borders on racism, to us and the US President,” he said. “The connotation is this type of dress is for witchcraft…This is our traditional costume; we are proud of it.”

Another HGA member suggested that if no apology was forthcoming the $16 billion ExxonMobil liquefied natural gas project based in the region could be jeopardised…

Well, maybe not. But maybe.

Good prospects of reopening Bougainville copper mine.
There are ‘positive prospects’ for reopening the Panguna copper mine in Papua New Guinea’s Autonomous Bougainville province, with local landowners planning a major reconciliation. The mine was closed nearly 20 years ago during a secessionist conflict led by the late Francis Ona, which was sparked by landowner issues and environmental damage caused by the mine……The Bougainville conflict that broke out in 1989, when rebels under the leadership of the late secessionist, Francis Ona, attacked the mine workers and installations over environmental pollution they alleged the mine was causing.

The mine was abandoned, and thousands of Bougainvilleans died in the subsequent civil war before a peace accord was reached in 2001.

Words and images have power, and not just in the intended direction . It doesn’t seem likely that the offensive images fostered by the American tea partiers will have force enough to reach around the world and effect the business dealings of ExxonMobil…

But they might.

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Simple Answers to Stupid Questions (Obama and Infrastructure Edition)

Stephen Karlson, who must have eaten some bad clams or something, points to a bit of infrastructure frothing-at-the-mouth from greater Wingnuttia. Dan Riehl found Obama saying this at a campaign appearance:

“Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly superior to us now, which means if you are a corporation deciding where to do business you’re starting to think, “Beijing looks like a pretty good option. Why aren’t we doing the same thing?”

Riehl asks:

Did Obama Just Lose The Election?


He writes:

Obama is either incredibly naive, terribly misinformed, a communist, just flat out dumb or all of the above to be caught on tape making a statement like that.

Contrast George W. Bush, caught on a government website saying:

My view of China is, is that it’s a great nation that’s growing like mad.

So IOKIYAR. Bonus from the same (April 2005) appearance:

I will tell you with $55 oil we don’t need incentives to oil and gas companies to explore. There are plenty of incentives. What we need is to put a strategy in place that will help this country over time become less dependent.

At that point, Bush had only about 18 months of single-party rule to put a strategy in place. “Drill here and drill now” Republicans are clearly just covering up for their own lack of action when it was obvious more than three years ago that action was needed!

Meanwhile, Possession of “listening comprehension” makes it obvious that the antecedent of Obama’s “same thing” is “investing massively in infrastructure.” Now, lots of China’s infrastructure actually is not so advanced, as Karlson tells the rail-minded and some of Riehl’s commenters state more plainly. However, China is still developing, is poor on average, and dirt poor where it’s poor. The U.S. is advanced, rich on average (by global standards), and extremely rich where it’s rich. So if we’re going to use China as a yardstick for our accomplishments, it should be China at its most advanced, not its least. There, but for our own fecklessness and lack of thrift, we should be able to go.

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