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The Charity Defense

by Tom Bozzo Much like the largely if not totally hypothetical family farm that might need to be sold off to cruel agribusiness to pay “death taxes,” I suspect that trotting out charities as the Real Victims of Obama administration plans to reduce tax expenditures on the wealthy is the latest Luntzian effort to put […]

The Cactus Tax Proposal, Part 3: Corporate Tax Rates

‘d like to give my thoughts on corporate income taxes. A favorite idea on the right is that taxes on corporations should be eliminated. The reasoning is this: because the corporation pays taxes on income when it makes a profit, and the shareholders pay taxes on that income once it is distributed to them, essentially […]

The Cactus Tax Proposal, Part 2: Eliminate Tax Deductions for Charity

This post is about taxes. But people find taxes to be a boring subject, so let me begin by noting a few points that at first may seem like they have nothing to do with taxes: 1. In recent weeks, there’s been no small amount of criticism toward Obama over his choice of Church, given […]

The Cactus Tax Proposal, Part I: What Matters More than Anything Else

Since I’ve been criticized for critiquing other people’s tax proposals without putting forward my own, I figured I’d start writing some posts with my thoughts on the subject. I’m going to start, here, in this post, by laying out what I think is by far the single most important thing, the sine qua non without […]

Some Advice For Robert Stein and Other Conservatives Trying to Construct a New Tax Structure

Robert Stein has been kind enough to clarify a lot of points about his tax plan, so I’d like, if I may, to offer conservatives my thoughts on a tax plan. Not a tax plan, but things I feel they should keep in mind about taxes if their goal is to come up with a […]