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Waiting for the DeLong-Fish Cage Match

While I’m trying to decide whether unmanaged funds are preferrable to mismanaged ones, and wondering whether any discussion of Mark Cuban (I like the picture better than CNN’s) belong here,* the NYT decides to continue its determined destruction of its reputation. Stanley Fish manages to forget—or, more accurately, ignore, since he mentions it in the […]

David Leonhardt needs to retire, having abdicated responsibility

by Ken Houghton I don’t believe David Leonhardt is an idiot, but that’s not based on the evidence at hand: There are really only two [questions]: What steps are most likely to solve the immediate crisis? And how can the long-term cost to taxpayers be minimized? Everything else — reducing executive pay on Wall Street, […]

McCain’s Health Plan: Tax Cut or Tax Hike, and To What End?

The Tax Foundation sent me an e-mail pointing me to Gerald Prante (who’s participated in our comments section in the past) taking Joe Klein to task for calling McCain’s proposed $5,000* refundable tax credit that would offset income tax on health insurance benefits “insufficient.” Here’s what the McCain web site has to say: While still […]

The Right-Wing Anti-Tax Machine Doesn’t Have to Buy the Cow…

EconomistMom recently defended, after a fashion, Alex Brill and Alan Viard’s notorious article claiming that the Obama tax plan would raise effective marginal tax rates on middle-class taxpayers. They’re making a mountain out of a molehill, she concludes, even incidentally distorting the Obama tax plans along the way, but to her knowledge (of the two […]

Economics Makes for Strange Sick-Bed Fellows

Obama ready to cave in to insurance industry AKA ‘Her Way’; Obama Health Plan Could Go In Clinton’s DirectionTeddy Davis, John Santucci and Gregory Wallace ABC News 06.29.2008 Obama’s surrogate [Dr. Kavita Patel] made her comments Wednesday while representing him at a National Journal health-policy forum moderated by Ron Brownstein, the political director of Atlantic […]

Senator Obama chooses Jason Furman econ advisor

By: Divorced one like Bush From this story at Common Dreams comes the news that Senator Obama has chosen Jason Furman as an economic advisor. The story notes Mr. Furman’s fame for his defending of the Walmart model. The one that states Walmart is helping the less fortunate. I don’t buy it in the big […]