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Unintended Consequences of "Market-Based" Health Reforms

The essence of “market-based” health care “reforms” is that patients are exposed to the prices of the services that they receive (or are offered) and choose not to consume those with low perceived net benefits. With high-deductible health plans favored by conservative reformers, this means paying out of pocket for routine services. [*] This is […]

Medical Tourism and Importing Pharmaceuticals

This is a post about 1) medical tourism and 2) importing pharmaceuticals from Canada. I heard something that piqued my interest the other day, so I did eight seconds worth of searching on-line and found this: While no one expects the Federal government to embrace medical tourism for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement purposes, private insurance […]

Howard Covtiz – Switching Health Insurers

This one is by Howard Covitz… ———- Just read The bad economics of switching health-care plans from Slate’s Dismal Science section. 20-30 percent of policy-holders switch carriers every year. This wreaks havoc on preventative care, both in terms of incentive to provide it and, more significantly, on successfully sustaining care for chronic conditions. The turnover […]

Reader Dan: Medical Care, Part 3

Reader Dan, part 3 on medical care. Hat tip to Angry Bear reader Buffpilot for joining voices in a liberal/conservative plea for doing the right thing. Please refer to this post for context on PTSD, healthcare, and Therapist1 comments. Clearly there is great need to increase funding for cognitive sciences and occupational therapy needed for […]