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Extradition and US refusals

Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian  pointedly reminds us that the “US frequently refuses extradition requests even if it involves a serious crime and there is an extradition treaty.”  The entire piece  is below.

On Obama’s cancellation of summit with Putin and extradition

The US frequently refuses extradition requests where, unlike with Snowden, it involves serious crimes and there is an extradition treaty.

(updated below)

President Obama today canceled a long-scheduled summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in part because the US president is upset that Russia defied his personal directive to hand over Edward Snowdendespite the lack of an extradition treaty between the two nations. That means that US media outlets will spend the next 24 hours or so channeling the government’s views (excuse the redundancy) by denouncing the Russian evil of refusing extradition. When doing so, very few, if any, establishment media accounts will mention any of these cases:

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