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The Effects of Airline Deregulation: What’s The Counterfactual?

by Tom Bozzo Crossposted with Marginal Utility. Matt Welch at the Reason blog takes credit for airline deregulation on behalf of libertarianism: The “worldview” of libertarianism suggested, back in the early 1970s, that if you got the government out of the business of setting all airline ticket prices and composing all in-flight menus, then just […]

All Economic Analysis is Counterfactual

In partial response to Cactus’s post, Megan McArdle offers the “look at those low air fares” defense of airline deregulation, going so far as to suggest: I think it’s telling that complaints about deregulation of the airlines come almost entirely from three groups of people: 1) People who have no idea what they are talking […]