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Millennials like socialism — until they get jobs. Or until a pollster tells them that it would mean tax increases but doesn’t tell them, for example, that the tax increases would replace healthcare insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses. And doesn’t tell them that “more government services” means something other than, say, trash collection twice a week instead of once a week.

…higher insurance premiums, although since Sanders’s proposal would actually lower premiums and overall healthcare expenditures by individuals and employers I’m not sure what this actually says about millennials . Or…

The Real Reason Healthcare Insurance Companies Are Now Encouraging Obamacare Enrollment: Fear of a pro-public-option or pro-single-payer political juggernaut

…insurance through the non-group (i.e., non-employer-provided) market. It is not tax-funded identical-for-all healthcare insurance, which is what Medicare is. I do think that eventually this country will have Medicare-for-all-type healthcare

Healthcare, Private and Public

…began in 2000. Long time readers may recall I had a post looking at correlations between government’s share of the healthcare dollar and the rise in healthcare costs. To quote…