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Coffee read this morning. High crop prices 2021

Farmer – Economist Michael Smith talks crop prices, Will History Repeat Itself?, AG WEB Farm Journal, Jerry Gulke High crop prices, like much what is going on in the greater economy might be transitory. The author keeps up the tone that high prices in the silage department usually only last a few months. We are […]

BREAKING AND ENTERING: How to get into farming . . .

Farmer – Economist Michael Smith is discussing how people get into farming and the issues. There are three ways to get into faming, each with their own issues, pitfalls, and nuances. There are three distinct ways to get into farming and those paths are all not worn at all. After a few rainy and hot […]

On the Farm – Agricultural Economics – Carbon Capture

Farmer-economist Michael Smith comments from More Random News Events of the Week post ________ My comment on the open thread, “what exactly does the federal government plan to do this is a little mind boggling. The USDA is limited in the resources they have. They can provide grants but it would need congress to fund […]

Farm and Ranch Report, May 2021 Beef Cattle Prices

This particular post is coming out of Angry Bear’s comment section. Farmer and Agricultural Economist Michael Smith is the author. Mike grows various food items on his farm and has a hands-on knowledge of what is occurring in the beef industry today. What Mike is touching upon today is the small farmer industry and how […]