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Trade and GDP

By Stormy Trade means jobs; trade brings money into plants; trade surpluses ripple through the economy, providing not only wealth to employers and employees alike but also moneys into public…

Real Keynesians understand imbalanced trade

…because American income increases. * Import Certficates by a trade deficit country don’t cause a trade war. They tie imports to exports. Any trade-surplus country that tries to counter the

Stimulus, Bank Reform…and Trade

…continued to expand production in North America and demand for autos fell with the recession. The trade deficit should ease in 2009 with lower oil prices and as the recession

Free Trade: GOP Hypocrisy

trade. Ted Kennedy supported the advance of free trade. President Bill Clinton fought hard to win approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Despite some of his campaign rhetoric,…

After the Recession: What then?

the wealth of a nation depends its trade. In looking for our engine of growth, we have to look at elements that may help us. Unfortunately, our trade deficit, despite…

The GOP Is Not the Free Trade Party

…stake? The free-trade consensus in the Senate that has ensured easy passage of every measure liberalizing trade put forth by the past two administrations. Democrats only need six seats to…