How is the Consumer Society Doing?

The rich, the wealthy, the privileged have to provide for themselves? What, no dog walkers, no maids, no waiters and all the other little people that make life a joy? Gardners, bus drivers, private nurses, second houses in the Hamptons, a third house in Hawaii–all cared for by the loving poor?

Cutting interest rates no longer primes the pump? Neo-liberalism on its last legs? What is going to happen when climate and ecological disruption really hit?

And Bezos now wants his enslaved workers to donate time to help others? King of the mountain, he is. The wonder of neo-liberalism in love with worker efficiency and low wages, he is.

And how is the health care going? Pharmaceuticals off-shored? The Sacklers and Pelosi–no longer arm in arm? Lobbyists losing their sting?

How much was universal health to cost? Yet every decent society manages it. And all Biden and the mass media can do is fret on costs. Both know that it takes time to answer that question–and it seems so clear and so simple–for the gullible.

Anyone ever checked on actual costs of an MRI in Canada compared with an MRI in the states? I have. In the states a full-body MRI scan costs $15,000 with a $3,000 co-pay. In Canada, at a for profit MRI screening area the same MRI costs $1,500.
How do I know? My son in the U.S. had an MRI–my step-daughter in Canada is an MRI specialist. I asked her for the exact price of the one my son had in the states–what her hospital charges for those who do not have insurance, i.e., visiting Americans!

Medical care in the States is just a huge goody bag for everyone except the patient. Doctors run up the bills. Hospitals run up the bills. Insurance companies take their cut.

In the States, the doctors hire squads of secretaries to keep track of everything. They even open their own medical centers that squeeze the patient dry. Walk into any doctor’s office in Canada. One doctor and one helper: Max.

And the waste of time hunting for a package that will serve your needs…and choice of doctors? There is no choice in the States….unless you are rich or a politician! And then worry if you lose your job will you be protected? What a nightmare every way we look at it.

And the free health care for every senator, representative…take it away. Biden and Sanders should pay for health care services rendered, not suck on the public dole. Same for the POTUS and ex-POTUSes and their wives and children. The health coverage that any CEO enjoys should be automatically extended to every worker in that company.

And tax cuts for the wealthy? And a military budget both that the DNC and the GOP both love? We going “get” those Ruskies, Cubans, Venezuelans, and Iranians? God Bless America and its bombers. We still going to pay for privatization of the military?

And what about student debt? Are we going to allow those students to declare bankruptcy? Eh, Biden?

And credit cards that always take a hefty grab of every purchase! The store owner has to pay every time a credit card is used, just for the privilege of accepting credit cards. The consumer has to pay big time if he forgets a payment.

Why not nationalize banks? Seriously. Charge just five percent interest–enough to meet actual costs? Stop the revolving door between banking Treasury.

And is branding about to stop? After all, royals and the Obamas make fortunes on branding. Imagine, an ex-POTUS can now easily afford an $11-12 million house on Martha’s Vineyard.

And will we finally see a drop in the locust swarm of ads that plague every corner of the Internet? Gweneth Paltrow is the ultimate destination of this consumer society: Smell my bottled vagina odor! Step right up and take a sniff.

Privatization has its costs. Off-shoring has its costs. Austerity that feeds the rich and powerful has its costs.

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