I find this post by Natahnael Johnson even more interesting than their very high average. It is a paean to genentically modified bananas originally published at Grist.

The Grist (and Vox) headline people tease “These vitamin-fortified bananas might get you thinking differently about GMOs”. Johnson should be glad it didn’t get me thinking differently as I have been a raving GMO enthusiast for 35 years.

The claim is that bananas genetically engineered to produce (more) beta carotene will reduce vitamin A deficiency in Uganda. Johnson devotes much of the post to arguing that the bananas will end up in people’s stomachs unlike the golden rice which was a flash not yet in any pans.

I am, of course, convinced. I am especially interested that the post was put up at Grist.

I really don’t have much to add beyond the link.

I guess the only overlap with economics is that the bananas will be public domain, because the research is financed by the Gates foundation not a profit seeking corporation. This is actually necessary for the product to exist, because bananas can be reproduced from shoots, so there aren’t and can’t be profitable banana seed companies.

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