What is NOT Discussable in the Media

Stormy–tired, old, and pissed off–Jan 7, 2016

Jobs, Free Trade, and Globalization

  • TTIP and TTP
  • Who is keeping these important trade deals off the front page?
  • Trade deficit—where have the jobs gone? Let’s ask Obama, Hillary, et al.
  • Outsourcing and the myth of Free Trade.
  • Are we edging towards deflation?
  • Have corporations squeezed the final dollar out of globalization? Is globalization about to implode. Take a good look at China and its export machine. Did Jobs make his buck in China on the backs of the poor? Why do we celebrate the bastard?

I will be posting an update to the U.S. trade deficit fiasco–along with some comments about China.  It is a joke that this stuff and its consequences are ignored by the main street media and many so-called economists.


    • Israel–Saudi connection/love affair. According to Netanyahu:

“The dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran and the emergence of other threats in our region have led many of our Arab neighbors to recognize, finally recognize, that Israel is not their enemy. And this affords us the opportunity to overcome the historic animosities and build new relationships, new friendships, new hopes.”

  • How much influence does AIPAC have over Congress and the President?
  • Is the major media in the pocket of AIPAC–New York Times, et al
  • In discussions about Middle East chaos, why is Israel and its role and aims not included?

Feminism and other special interests

  • Who cares if the next president is black, a woman, or a dwarf? Have we NOT had enough of feminists who simply want a woman in the White House, regardless of her views? Is Hilary milking this one? Do principles count?
  • Is the DNC in the pocket of Wall Street?
  • Who is pulling the strings that keep Sanders off the major media?
  • Is media concentration on Feminism, Black Lives Matter, and Gun Control possible diversions to keep our eye off the deeper problems, which, if we faced, might address some of these issues?


  • Does Obama really care about black lives? How about jobs for the deprived, exploited, and poor? Why has he not addressed outsourcing and propose serious solutions? Why has he allowed the militarization of the police?
  • Is Obama more interested in feathering his nest–like the Clintons—with his billion dollar library
  • Why is he so interested in expanding BIG Brother–i.e., the NSA? Does he give merely lip service to democracy?
  • Why does he NOT pursue those who tortured and led this country into a war that killed hundreds of thousands?? Nixon covered-up a break-in. Slick Willy lied about adultery! And look at the flap those minor crimes created?
  • Does Obama believe that big crimes should be rewarded, but if a poor black man  or woman or child looks cross-eyed at the police, he can be shot? He should be asked.
  • Is it any accident that Rahm Emmanuel was once Obama’s chief of staff?

Media obsession with the GOP candidates

    • Is this just the ultimate diversion?

And I have not even mentioned Global Warming.   At some point this country is going to explode if we do not answer these questions.