Ex-Military and the Police Force

Everywhere we look, we read about police killing black or poor citizens–and often the circumstances are more than suspect.  LAPD kills about one citizen a week.

A cursory browsing of the web reveals that police forces prefer ex-military.  Of course, we do not train our military to be local police.  Anyone who has any understanding on how the military responds should certainly understand that such responses are inappropriate in a civilian setting.  In combat zones, military often shoot first; ask questions later.

And then there is the question of undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With all the talk about police forces gobbling up military equipment, I am surprised no one has done a study on the ex-military personnel in local police forces.


The cost of America’s perpetual war affects more than its budget and its invasive spying on the general population and its slow erosion of our constitution; it affects the quality of life of most of us, especially the poor and disadvantage who have to suffer barbarous treatment.

Time to have a serious discussion of America’s involvement in the Middle East and stop the knee jerk war mongering we seem to love so much.