Complicit in the Horror that is Gaza

The great Yitzhak Rabin has been long forgotten, assassinated by the Israeli ultranationalist, Yigal Amir–a forerunner of the cruel Zionist Netanyahu and the she-devil, Ayled Shaked. But the Zionist hard right would not have risen to power if it had not help from the West. Among those who blindly walk behind the Israeli tanks, the bombers, the gunships that now plow a bloody path through Gaza are The New York Times whose coverage consistently echoes Zionist talking points; the mad Christian right who proudly tour illegal settlements, praying nightly for the Second Coming; Republican and Democratic senators that simply cannot give Israel enough weaponry and take as gospel anything the crazy Zionists say.

What senator or Congressman has raised his or her voice against the settlements? What senator or Congressman objected to the latest Netanyahu claim that the Palestinians are cleverly using the telegenically dead to bulk the body count? What senator, Congressman, President, or Prime Minister or Secretary of State has called such a remark as obscene? Has The New York Times?

Here is one of the most recent New York Times front page lead-ins:

Casualties grew on both sides as the Israeli military pressed on with its campaign at quelling rocket fire into Israel and exposing and destroying tunnels.

“…grew on both sides”? Really? Relative body count, please. Are we to believe that this is a thunderous battle of equals? No hint of a massacre? Hospitals collapsing, women and children dying?

And just how many Hamas rockets really hit Israel? Can we have an Israeli civilian death count, please?  And why are Israeli’s sitting on hillsides watching the action in Gaza?

Maybe we should discuss the consequences of a tank, rocket, gunship, and bomber invasion of a small and crowded civilian area, population 1.7 million, less than one-third the size of NYC. Are you ready, New York City? By the way, all exits are closed.

The New York Times slurs the facts in favor of the now hard right Zionist leadership.  How quickly The New York Times forgets principles and panders to the cruel and the merciless.

And all this nonsense about body shields? Laughable! We are to take this seriously? When the tanks roll, the bombs fall, and the flechettes fly, everyone runs. And where can they run? Exits to Egypt have been closed. Mighty Israel blockades helpless Gaza.

It does not take much to understand the Zionist end game. Kill enough Palestinians to make them flee Palestine or simply eradicate them, slowly but effectively. In short, genocide.

Many noticed what Ayled Shaked said, a member of the Knesset and one of the leaders of a religious Zionist party, the Jewish Home Party. Her call for Palestinian genocide was loud and clear.

Aylet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home Party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

“They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,” Shaked said, adding, “They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the dead terrorists.”

Is there any dissent?  How about from a Clinton?  an Obama? the GOP?  Democrats?. Forget the Christian right: It is marching lock step beside Aylet, hoping the Israelis set the stage for the Second Coming.  And The New York Times studiously ignores such barbarity as it walks hand in hand with the crazies.

This is one piece of news that will never fit its print. Maybe The New York Times should read what the Prime Minister of Turkey, a once strong supporter of Israel, had to say about Ayled’s insane remarks. Apparently, the Prime Minister of Turkey is far more attentive than The New York Times–or any other Western leader.

The point is simple: If you continue to turn a blind eye to Zionist’s aims, methods, and logic, how can you not be complicit in a slaughter, in a cruel and merciless displacement of an entire people? And, before you drag all this foolishness about Hamas, its tunnels, its rockets: What exactly would you do if someone bulldozed your home, told you to get lost, and built a new settlement on its ruins? And repeatedly did the same to all your friends?

The New York Times has great company in NBC.  The NBC recalled Ayman Mohyeldin, its correspondent that broke the story of the four children killed on the Gaza beach–victims of an Israeli naval bombardment. Embarrassing news.  Ayman made too much noise.  People actually started to pay attention. NBC, we are told, recalled him for security reasons; but, surprisingly enough, he was immediately replaced with someone who knows no Arabic and has never been to Gaza. The new guy will certainly never venture to the beaches of Gaza. Maybe he’ll headquarter in Tel Aviv?

Has The New York Times reported on Israeli use of flechette shells? You know, the kind that spray thousands of tiny potentially lethal metal darts? Nope.  They work great in the jungle.

Ayled willingly wants the blood on her hands. Netanyahu hides the blood with comments about the telegenically dead, covers his tracks with comments about Hamas tunnels as he bombs hospitals and beaches. Representatives Louie Gohmert, John Fleming, Randy Forbes, and Jim Jordan along with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council may well be cheering: More settlements in the offing. They really do think they can affect God’s schedule.

Face it: A U.S. politician’s bona fides is measured by his or her support of the latest incarnation of Zionism. Congress and the Senate must be proud to be in the same camp as the Family Research Council and the Religious Home Party…helping God manage the universe so that the good guys win. Our unthinking and collective support of an ugly form of religious Zionism abroad has poisoned our foreign policy throughout the Middle East and beyond. Since when do religious zealots abroad or at home define our foreign policy and our national interest? They have led us down a dangerous path. Time to wake up.

Note: Headlines are changing rapidly. The slant does not. As of one look The New Times claimed that at least 87 Palestinians have died. At the same time, trusted and realistic sources put Palestinian fatalities at 347…and rising…wounded, 2,700 and rising. Maybe by today, The New York Times really has its facts–but of course not its slant–right.

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