Terrorism and the Debt Ceiling…

No, not what you might think.

I think that the entire discussion about the debt ceiling is simply comical, akin to building a house, customizing it, but then refusing to pay the contractor.

But something else struck me today. Now, I am a health services researcher and health policy wonk, but when President Obama said they would not ransom the budget today, it got me thinking about ransoms, and what that terminology means.

I think I understand the GOP goals now. It’s an end game of Financial terrorism. McConnell and those that are doing this are committing an act of financial terrorism.

I know, I know, that’s rather strong language, so let me explain my reasoning:

Terrorism is a weapon used by people who understand that they will lose a real power struggle and therefore is derived from a position of weakness. They do not have the actual resources to wage a real battle.

Most people think of terrorism as a form of violence, using guns, weapons, or bombs. But this sort of thinking is myopic in it’s limited scope. Terrorism I would expand to include any use of power by a group to frighten, expose, or scare another group into a different action, with the secondary goal of achieving political goals.

Terrorists often gauge success of their actions based on media coverage of their propaganda and of the fear mongering through psychological warfare that results in panic.

When President Obama said that he would not negotiate on this issue, and that he would not bend towards this ransoming of the good faith and credit of the US, he really cannot. The US government already has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists whether they be foreign, OR domestic.

So let’s be honest and call this what it is…….financial terrorism.


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