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US and Pakistan have divergent goals?

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

NEW DELHI – Tuesday at the United Nations President George Bush and his Pakistani counterpart, Asif Ali Zardari, reaffirmed the alliance of two nations that, in some respects, are fighting two different wars under the single banner of the war on terror.

The United States has recently stepped up missile attacks against targets in Pakistan as Washington becomes convinced that the Pakistani Army lacks either the will or ability to neutralize domestic terrorists. Yet Pakistanis counter that their Army is currently engaged in two offensives so large that they have displaced 300,000 people in areas bordering Afghanistan.

The different assessments of Pakistan’s effort reflect the two nations’ different goals in fighting terrorism. Pakistan wants peace within its borders. America prioritizes peace in Afghanistan, where security has deteriorated significantly this year. The two aims are not always congruous, and this disconnect is a fundamental part of rising tensions between the allies.

“Within the broader interest of fighting terrorism, their goals are divergent,” says Moeed Yusuf, an analyst at Boston University.

America wants Pakistan to target terrorists that Pakistan has long tolerated. Since militancy emerged in Pakistan in the 1980s – then significantly funded by the US in order to counter the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan – Pakistan has sought to manage certain terrorist networks, not destroy them. Often, these terrorists have no grievance with Pakistan but use Pakistan as a base to attack Afghanistan.



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Arctic sea ice notice

A simple analysis of Arctic sea ice can be found here. A cooler early season provided a cushion for a warmer late season temperature pattern, resulting in more first year ice retention than in 2007. Different wind patterns made for a larger dispersal area than last year.

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Apparently, Public Financing has been Very Good to John McCain

UPDATE II: An e-mail from Rick Davis clarifies the plans for the last moments of the campaign:

On Monday, we will have a 14 state rally with our candidates crisscrossing the country trying to turn out our voters and sway the final undecided voters. Governor Palin will hit Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada and Alaska in the final day of campaigning, while Senator McCain will travel from Tampa, Florida, to Virginia, then Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Mexico, Nevada and finish the night in Prescott, Arizona. The enthusiasm and excitement we generate on Monday will be the electricity that powers our “Get Out the Vote” efforts on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Via Dr. Black, Oliver Willis notes that the McCain campaign deliberately decided to eschew GOTV efforts in favor of spending their monies on television advertising.

We all knew that John McCain doesn’t operate a computer, but he claims to watch football. Did not he—or anyone in or, especially, running his campaign—see the Super Bowl commercials, and wonder what happened to most of those companies?

Contrary to previously received e-mails—and much recent whining—John McCain is ready and able to spend:

McCain and the Republican Party expect to outspend his Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, by $10 million in the closing days of the campaign, Davis said. [emphases mine]

and he will be traveling, though we’re not certain where:

Trailing in the polls, Sen. John McCain will travel to seven states in one day as his presidential campaign enters its final hours, the Republican nominee’s campaign manager announced Friday.

McCain will campaign in seven cities Monday, just one day before Election Day, Rick Davis told reporters in a conference call. The final list of cities has not been finalized, Davis said.

And the idea that they are in multiple states may or may not be CNN’s. Developing…

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