How not to run a Presidential Campaign

Rules 1-99: Never make your opponent’s VP the issue. For an explanation of this rule, see below.

If you concentrate your attack on your opponent’s VP, you are taking the heat off your real opponent: The guy who also wants to be President, giving him a free ride. Focus on him, not on his VP.

If you fail to understand Rules 1-99, forget about running. Maybe you are not ready. Maybe you have bad advisers; in which case, you really are not ready.

Rule 100: Decide what issues advantage you and what issues disadvantage your opponent. Convince the public that your issues are more important. If you cannot convince the public, you lose. But at least you tried. Kudos.

Rules 101-1000: Never attack a pretty woman, especially if she has kids and is faithful. Ask any divorce lawyer who wins. If you have dogs out there that want to attack her, call them off immediately. Be a hero, not a cad. Don’t stand back and smirk.

Lesson over. Back to politics, hopefully not as usual. Keep checking the polls. Try this for starters.