Gutter Politics Has Reached a New Low

McCain approves an ad claiming Obama wants comprehensive sex education for kindergarteners, i.e., teaching toddlers “about sex before they can learn to read.” This is gutter politics.

Now we come to the “pig outrage.”

I had a heated debate with a good friend of mine–intelligent, well informed– who claimed absolutely that Obama had so slurred Palin. I asked for the link. “Google it,” was the reply. Finally, I found it. I listened.

Well, I can listen as well as the next guy. More importantly, I can parse sentences better than most. I know all about subjects, verbs, and objects. I know also how to understand comparisons.

Well, I found the link–finally.

Obama says McCain’s policies are identical to Bush’s–and concludes by saying: You can put lipstick on a pig (Bush’s policies), but it is still a pig.

And then we have the McCain and Palin outrage, all because Palin had described herself as a bulldog with lipstick….too much. McCain, the white knight, heroically runs to rescue.

Curiously, the Canadian press understood what was going on–and reported it accurately. It knew exactly what Obama had said. It knew exactly how it had been twisted.

All of this may win elections. And maybe there is an argument that McCain and Palin are playing a good game of hardball. But who wants to slide into a home plate that looks like a pigsty?

There are real issues out there, as I have noted time and time again. Does anyone care about America?