Vice Presidents and Foreign Policy

I’ll just turn the microphone over to Andrew Sullivan:

We’ve learned how disastrous a vice-president can be, in the current administration. No vice-president in American history has done as much damage to national security, constitutional integrity and the moral standing of the United States as Dick Cheney. Biden has aspects of the Cheney pick – he’s older, more seasoned and more adept at foreign policy than Obama. But no one imagines that Obama would delegate – and all but abdicate – critical decisions to Biden the way Bush has to Cheney. Nonetheless, it seems obvious that Biden speaks his mind frankly, and would have real heft and independence in the office. He knows enough that foreign leaders call him in international crises. That reassures me, as we face some grim days in the coming years in the war on terror.

Cheney’s foreign policy has severely damaged our national security and our foreign policy in general…Alas – John McCain does not get this. Obama and Biden both do.