Only Elitist Families Move

Oliver Willis calls the Washington Post the Pravda on the Potomac in part because of this:

McCain hails from an America that exalted service to country, and he is the scion of a military family who endured five years in enemy captivity and who preaches a mantra of personal honor and of the nation over the individual — “Country First,” as his campaign slogan declares. His wife is conspicuously reserved at his side; he does not communicate by e-mail and only recently learned to use the Internet; even his roguish sense of humor carries echoes of the more chauvinistic 1950s of his youth. Obama’s embodiment of a newer America begins but hardly ends with the fact that he would be the first black president. In a country where people liked to know where you were from, Obama lacks a ready answer — he is part Hawaii, part Kansas, part Chicago. In a recent speech in Berlin, he declared himself a “citizen of the world.”


Because clearly John McCain’s family is so different from the rest of us in their belief in honor and patriotism. I mean, the rest of us unwashed masses couldn’t dare to hold a candle to their belief, right? … OMG BARACK OBAMA’S FAMILY MOVED. Clearly this disqualifies him as a True AmericanTM. Of course, I’ve moved around a lot too (I even lived in a foreign country!) so I might as well be an alien.

WaPo’s Alec MacGillis starts his propaganda for McCain by quoting some 65 year old man suggesting young people are lazy and disrespectful, which is why they are working so hard to elect Obama as President – guess. MacGillis then tosses in:

Obama has tried to compensate by proposing a tax cut for seniors, which was criticized by economists.

John McCain would NEVER promise fiscally irresponsible tax cuts to get a vote. PLEASE! If this is a generational gap matter – then why are those close to the age of retirement supposed to vote for the fellow who’d slash their Social Security benefits? Oh wait – those kind of questions can’t be asked at the Pravda on the Potomac.