More Childish Insults by McCain Directed at Obama

JedReport notes that back on June 27 a McCain ad put Obama’s image on a $100 dollar bill:

McCain campaign’s strategy on race is to (a) play the race card and then (b) accuse Obama of having played the race card. The issue here, of course, is that John McCain claimed great umbrage at Barack Obama’s lighthearted comment that Bush and McCain would emphasize that “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” But if John McCain thinks that comment was playing the race card, then why did he play it first? One month ago — in late June — a McCain ad superimposed Obama’s visage on a one hundred dollar bill as part of an effort to mock his supposed ‘presumptuousness.’

And now McCain is putting out a really idiotic ad that claims Obama is forgetting that Latin America even exists. These ads assume that Americans are just stupid. I stand by this post even if it attracts really pathetic comments from Rovian jerks. Message to these jerks – if you wish to insult other economist bloggers behind their backs, take your garbage somewhere else. Thank you!

Update: Conservative Andrew Sullivan is unhappy with the McCain smear campaign:

They really played the arugula card? For all McCain’s personal qualities, we’re learning that the machine behind the GOP simply re-makes the campaign in its own Coulterite image. Instead of actually fighting on the core questions – how do we get out of Iraq with the least damage? how do we get past carbon-based energy? how do we tackle al Qaeda’s new base in Pakistan and within the nuclear-armed Pakistani government? how will we reduce the massive debt bequeathed us by the Bush-Rove GOP? how do we restore the Geneva Conventions? – we are debating people’s cultural insecurities and food choices. The slow collapse of conservatism as a coherent governing philosophy is not unrelated to this. If you never want to fight campaigns on policy, why bother crafting any?

Ah but Team McCain has lots of policy proposals to allegedly lower gasoline prices. Never mind that none of them will do so.