Jonah Goldberg Says Things Aren’t That Bad

Jonah Goldberg comments on the Biden speech:

Biden’s doing a great job, just as I expected. But come on: To listen to the Democrats you’d think the Great Depression was a day at the beach. There are economic challenges out there, hardships etc, sure. But you’d think we’re all living off of puddle water and grub larvae from the way they talk about life in America today. I think at some point the disconnect between the country these people are describing and the country we actually live in is going to undermine the Democrats’ credibility.

Gee – I listened to Biden’s speech and he did not say things are worse today than they were in 1932. But then how would Momma’s Boy Goldberg know what transpired way back then – since he loves to argue when someone else is recounting a historical period, Momma’s Boy wasn’t even out of diapers – he had not been born yet. If the folks at the National Review want this campaign to turn on whether folks are really suffering versus whether we are all a bunch of whiners – be my guest. If this is the GOP tone, Barack Obama will win in a landslide.