Hess Contributions Preceded McCain Drilling Flip-flop

We need to follow-up on this post especially in light of the following comment from a rightwing troll:

PGL “I believe the point was how quickly McCain flipped AFTER receiving those contributions. A point both Sammy and FA chose to ignore in their replies.” Actually PGL, he got the donations AFTER the donations

I have already pointed out that the troll is criticizing something said by rand. And it appears rand was correct and the troll was dead wrong as Greg Sargent notes:

The Los Angeles Times digs up some more detail on the Hess Corporation-McCain story, reporting that the big fundraiser where all the Hess execs chipped in huge sums took place just before McCain reversed his previous opposition to offshore drilling

Greg goes onto to note that the timing is less of an issue than some would have it to be. Big Oil knows that McCain will do their bidding – even if that means flip-flopping on positions McCain took earlier when McCain wanted to be seen as the moderate maverick. Which is why their money is flowing into the coffers of Team McCain. But the trolls will find some way to defend this – even if it means telling us a bunch of their usual lies. Or maybe they’ll find some way to blame Obama for McCain’s actions!