EconomistMom on Sarah Palin

We need a woman’s perspective. Actually, EconomistMom offers three – including her own:

Yes, and even mid-40s, 20-years-married, working moms of several children don’t vote for mid-40s, 20-years-married, working moms of several children because they’re, you know… Geez– please don’t insult the intelligence of middle-aged working mothers that way!

The other two perspectives she offers were published here. EconomistMom seems to agree with Kiki McLean:

Women don’t vote for women because they are women. Women have high expectations — and have always had to meet them…The dramatic increase in female voters this year wasn’t just about a woman being on the ballot. It was driven by an intense debate on a broad agenda of bread-and-butter issues and national security

EconomistMom isn’t so fond of what Lisa Sciffren – former Dan Quayle speechwriter had to offer. But what does “sizzle and energy” have to do with the real issues. As far as cutting pork, Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it.

Update: Palin has her own views on a couple of other women. For example, she does not like the supposed whining of Hillary Clinton. Greg Sargent notes Palin thinks it’s funny when people attack Lyda Green for being a “bitch” or a “cancer” (Green is a cancer survivor). Karl Rove’s kind of woman!