Carter at the Democratic Convention

Why didn’t Carter speak at the Democratic Convention?

The Jewish Daily Forward understands:

Since Carter published a book in November 2006 accusing Israel of practicing apartheid against the Palestinians, Democrats have been trying to distance themselves from the former president and to convince Jewish activists that he does not represent the party line.

“He hasn’t shown respect to Israel and many of the Jewish constituencies here based on the things he has done,” said Nan Rich, a Florida state senator who left the hall in protest before Carter’s appearance onstage.
“It shows the party gets it and Barack Obama’s campaign gets it,” she said.

Meanwhile, new settlements proceed apace while old settlements are expanded. And both parties “get it.” Murmur a soft protest, but do nothing. For a take on the sham peace process, see here, a link that expands the brief argument below.

Both parties are captive to Likud influence. Right-wing Jewish groups have a strangle hold on American Middle East policy–and have successfully muted our hearing real discussion within Israel itself, where there is a strong peace and bonfide peace movement.