Olympics 2008

This year’s Olympics may well be a symbol or metaphor for rapid globalization. Sailing waters are choked with algae, a result of the chemical pollution; flotillas of boats are at work attempting to clear it so that sailors have at least a chance of moving off the starting line. As Bejiing grows, its water table continues to plummet. Attempts to supply the city with water may ultimately fail in the long term, according to some.

Chinese officials recently announced that tap water is now potable; the first city in China to receive that accolade. Some wags are suggesting that you bring your own, just in case.

And then there is the air; we have all seen the pictures of people on the street with protective masks. Transworld News has a cheery piece covering much of this as well as the questionable food.

Thus globalization proceeds apace under the watchful, environmentally conscious WTO.