Jonah Goldberg Questions Obama’s Judgment on Iraq

Should we start a contest on the dumbest op-ed ever run by the National Review? I nominate this one:

It looks like the presidential battle will be about one overarching theme: judgment versus experience. And Exhibit A will be the Iraq war. Barack Obama insists that judgment is more important than experience. Truth be told, he’s right. A wise leader with no experience is preferable to a moron with plenty. But that’s not really our choice.

Our choice in this Presidential election is between Barack Obama and John McCain. McCain’s position on Iraq is moronic. So who else does Goldberg think has any chance to become President? But then I interrupted Momma’s Boy:

Obama, who was a young state senator from a very liberal district in Chicago and a star parishioner of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ when the country was debating invading Iraq, would have voters believe that he carefully weighed the pros and cons and concluded it would be a bad idea. You may be willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. I am not.

Tossing in the irrelevant topic surrounding Reverend Wright only shows you that Goldberg’s piece was nothing more than a Swift Boat style hit job. Besides, the record does show that Obama weighed the pros and cons a lot more carefully than that moron we call Commander in Chief. Oh wait – I forget who pays the rent over at the Goldberg’s residence. Then there’s the old GOP Catch-22 BS:

As a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2003, Obama said he would “unequivocally” oppose President Bush on the war. But once in office, he voted for every war-funding bill — until he decided to run for president. After the invasion, Obama did not favor an immediate pullout from Iraq.

Goldberg is arguing that Obama’s position on Iraq has not been that different than President Bush’s? Odd – because this is just the opposite of what John McCain argued Tuesday:

Senator Obama opposed the new strategy, and, after promising not to, voted to deny funds to the soldiers who have done a brilliant and brave job of carrying it out.

There’s that Catch-22 again. If one expresses any difference with how this Administration is running its utterly failed policies, one is deny funds to the troops. But if one doesn’t vote against every piece of funding legislation, then one is in total agreement with President Bush. Fellows – you can’t have it both ways. In a way I’m glad Goldberg made this claim even if it is incredibly stupid. You see – it undermines the garbage exhibited in McCain’s dishonest attack on Obama.