Jonah Goldberg Claims Caribou Love Drilling for Oil

Pat Garofalo listens to a bunch of rightwing nutcases so we don’t have to starting with some nonsense from Michele Bachmann:

“Some suggestions are that perhaps we would see an enhancement of wildlife expansion because of the warmth of the pipeline,” she said. […] The pipeline has now become a meeting ground and “coffee klatch” for the caribou, she said.

Jonah Goldberg pulls out some cherry picked silliness:

People don’t realize that at Prudhoe Bay, where they have been drilling for 30 years, the central Arctic caribou herd has increased fivefold since they started drilling up there.

The silliness of this argument is discussed here. Now didn’t Goldberg claim that the Nazis were liberals? Maybe this idiot thinks that those ovens in the concentration camps were there to provide warmth to the Jewish prisoners?