GOP Attack Ads – More Proof that McCain is a Weasel as well as a Liar

Hillary Chabot reports:

GOP presidential contender John McCain says he can’t control every attack ad aimed at Democrat Barack Obama and fully expects he’ll face a similar barrage, sounding the bell for a raucous general election brawl. “I can’t be a referee of every spot run on television,” McCain told the Herald in an exclusive interview. “I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments, but we all know there are groups who want to attack me.” The Arizona senator’s hands-off posture on attack ads by now-infamous tax-free and unaccountable political groups called 527s marks a softening of his view on the negative campaign tactic – and opens the door to a no-holds-barred five-month scramble. In 2004, McCain strongly condemned 527 ads attacking then-Democratic presidential contender John Kerry’s war record.

Time out! Yes, McCain did say that attack ads were wrong. But President Bush allowed them to continue anyway. Now had McCain been a person of principle, he would have refused to campaign for Bush-Cheney given that the Swifties were continuing their support for Bush-Cheney with these brazen lies. But let’s turn the microphone over to Greg Sargent:

Obama’s finance team has explicitly instructed donors not to give money to those groups. McCain, by contrast, seems to be saying that he can’t control the groups on his side. If McCain can’t stand up to the 527s, how is he going to take on Al Qaeda?

Clearly, Senator Obama is taking this clean campaign pledge a lot more seriously than Senator McCain. It strikes me that McCain knows the only chance for him to win in November is to let this campaign turn negative. So when McCain says he wants a clean campaign – let me suggest that this is just another lie from the GOP nominee. He wants it both ways – he wants to pretend to be above the nastiness but he’s quite willing for his minions to do the dirty work for him. Like I said – a weasel.