The Case for ANWR and Offshore Drilling

Jim Kunstler writes a gem:

Perhaps more reality-challenged was the uber-idiot Larry Kudlow on CNBC’s night-time money show, who kept repeating the mantra “drill, drill drill” when presented with signs that something other than “oil speculators” was driving up the price and creating global scarcity. These idiots always return to the shibboleth that “there’s plenty of oil out there.” What they don’t get is that even while the world is enjoying the all time peak of production (somewhere around 85-million barrels-a-day), that same world is demanding at least 86-million barrels — so even though there’s more oil than ever, there’s not enough. And the gap is only bound to get bigger … Meanwhile the notion that drilling drilling drilling offshore the US and up in Alaska will solve this problem shows how incredibly misinformed the news media itself is. The probability is next to zero that anything found off California or Florida would even fractionally offset ongoing depletion in the handful of old, established super-giant fields that the world gets most of it oil from.

Wait – that’s the case against “drill, drill drill”. Here’s his case for:

By the way, I support the idea of drilling in Alaska’s ANWAR reserve because I think it can be done in a sanitary way and, more importantly, it would get the idiot cornucopian right-wing assholes to finally shut up about it — before they discover that it contains less than half a year’s oil supply for the US at current rates of use.

If ANWR would permanently cause Lawrence Kudlow and his ilk to shut up – that would be a nice benefit. Then again – Kudlow has so many topics to babble on about even if he is clueless what the real issues are. There’s got to be a cheaper way to shut Kudlow up – such as everyone of us to cease watching his worthless shows!