Bill Bennett Criticizes Obama’s Economic Proposals

Actually – Bennett joins with Seth Leibsohn to list their top ten concerns about Obama but #1 to #3 and #6 can be summarized thusly: Obama’s foreign policy will not be the foreign policy of McBush. I’d rather focus on #7 and #8 as they deal with economics – something Bill Bennett clearly knows nothing about.

#7 is:

Barack Obama’s economic policies would hurt the economy.

They are referring to Obama’s desire to make the tax code more progressive as well as less fiscal irresponsible than what McCain proposes. Their “evidence” is some nonsense written by Irwin Stelzer which we reviewed here. Bennett and Leibsohn repeat the supply-side spin but forgot to mention that Stelzer admitted that there was no empirical support for the spin that Bennett and Leibsohn repeated.

#8 is:

Barack Obama opposes drilling on and offshore to reduce gas and oil prices.

Never mind that the McBush proposal would have no impact on prices today and very little in a generation. I guess the National Review editors allowed these two idiotic paragraphs to be included based on their continuing belief that their readers are stupid little children who deserve to be lied to.