What Happened: Jonah Goldberg’s Review Sine Reading a Single Word

Jonan Goldberg must be omniscient as he pens a stinging review of Scott McClellan’s What Happened even though:

I have not read the book. I will once I finish eating the contents of my sock drawer (which ranks slightly higher on my to-do list).

Now if you think the second sentence in this quote is juvenile – don’t bother reading the rest of Goldberg’s rant. OK, I lied. It is not a stinging review. In fact, it is about as idiotic as anything from this worthless pundit. But please consider this:

McClellan’s only legitimate beef seems to be his unjust treatment during the Valerie Plame investigation.

Really? The book has no other legitimate complaints? How on earth would Jonah know if he hasn’t even bothered to read anything? I guess his mommy told him so. Incidentally, NRO has other attacks on McClellan’s writing, which are also just as worthless.