What Should be Done with Erroneous Posts?

I just took down a post I had put up maybe twenty minutes ago or so. I think this is the first time I ever took down a post that I had actually published. (I’ve sat on posts and deleted unpublished posts several times.) The post referencing something someone else wrote – it sounded good at the time – but I realized it made less sense than I thought.

Now, in the past, when I myself wrote something erroneous, I would leave the post up, make the correction, and add an “update” noting that a correction was made. Once, while my sister was undergoing heart surgery and I was waiting to hear how it went, to distract myself, I wrote a post that was absolutely and completely logically wrong. Clearly my mind was elsewhere. Still, I posted it without thinking… In the middle of the night, I realized what I had done… and by then so had a number of readers judging from the comments section. The post is still online, but I’ve added warnings at the top and bottom of the post noting that the entire post is an error in logic.

Question… what should one do, if one is referencing something someone else wrote, and one realizes it makes less sense than one thought? Presumably, its kosher to delete a post three minutes after it was put up? What about two hours later? Or a day later? What is the statute of limitations?