The Verdict in Sean Bell’s Murder: KLo Advocates Cop Killing

There is no excuse for this – more after the background. When I heard the verdict in the trial of the three NYC policemen who shot 50 bullets and killed Sean Bell, my fear was that NYC would suffer what LA suffered after a similar verdict in the trial of the policemen who beat Rodney King. So far, we have not seen any riots – just a lot of calls for such police brutality to never occur again.

Kathryn Jean Lopez entitled her Corner comment “Kill the Police”. OK, that was not her plea. No – she decided to attack Al Sharpton as if Reverend Sharpton was advocating NYC’s version of the LA riots that followed the verdicts in the Rodney King incident. But read the story that KLo links to in her baseless allegation. Sharpton was calling for civil protests not violence. It was bystanders who made that awful chant “kill the police” and not Sharpton and those in his march. So KLo was not exactly being honest. And as a resident of NYC, I resent that she titles anything with such a charged sentence. My city is handling this well so far – perhaps because those who were outraged by the not guilty verdict don’t bother to read the stupidity that permeates the National Review.