Comparing Presidents: Black Median Income, or Sowell Discusses How Republicans Could Attract Black Voters… and Misses the Obvious

Thomas Sowell has a piece in the National Review discussing how the Republican Party can get its hands on more black voters. He asks:

If just 20 percent of blacks begin voting Republican, the Democrats are lost.

The question then is how to have a shot at getting the votes of those blacks who are not in thrall to the current black “leaders” and who on many issues may be conservative.

Since that “20 percent” is about the only figure in the entire post – let me help Thomas Sowell out here.

Here’s a graph showing how real median income for Black people evolved over time:

Here’s a summary of how real median income for Black people changed over the length of each administration since Ike:

My guess is that these two graphs go a long way toward explaining why most Black people don’t vote Republican.

How to deal with these pesky facts and figures? Well, there’s an approach that seems to come easily to Sowell – I’m sure he’ll get around to it.