The Mausa Theory Of Neo-Con Rhetoric (The "Father of Lies" Strategy)

This post is by Noni Mausa…

The Mausa Theory Of Neo-Con Rhetoric (The “Father of Lies” Strategy) is: “Say the opposite, and scorn truth, even when truth might help you.”

Oh, I realize it’s more complex than that. But it seems to be a chosen strategy, not a happenstance, and the rationale for its use can be found in a cult reference book, “Combating Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan, Park Street Press, 1988, 1990. Read this excerpt, beginning on page 47, and tell me if it does not sound familiar:

The mind, despite all of its strength and ability, has weaknesses too. It is dependent on a stream of coherent information for it to function properly. Put a person in a sensory deprivation chamber, and within hours he will start to hallucinate and become incredibly suggestible. Likewise, put a person into a situation where his senses are overloaded with non-coherent information, and the mind will go “numb” as a protective mechanism. It gets confused and overwhelmed, and critical faculties no longer work properly. It is in this weakened state that people become very suggestible to others.

[Hasan then talks about the four components of mind control; these are behavior control, thought control, emotional control and information control.]

One particularly effective hypnotic technique involves the deliberate use of confusion to induce a trance state. Confusion usually results whenever contradictory information is communicated congruently. For example, if a hypnotist says in an authoritative tone of voice, “The more you try to understand what I am saying, the less you will never be able to understand it. Do you understand?” The result is a state of temporary confusion. … if a person is kept in a controlled environment long enough, hearing such disorienting language and confusing information, he will usually suspend his critical judgment and adapt to what he perceives everyone else is doing. In such an environment, the tendency within most people is to doubt themselves and deferred to the group.

Sensory overload, like sensory deprivation, also effectively disrupts a person’s balance and makes them more open to suggestion. A person can be bombarded by emotionally laden material at a rate faster than he can digest. The result is a feeling of being overwhelmed. The mind snaps into neutral and ceases to evaluate the material pouring in. The newcomer may think this is happening spontaneously within himself, but the group has intentionally structured it that way.

The type specimen, though far from the first, is “Liberal Fascism”, the book. Here’s a widely read text which seeks to redefine the ideas of what is liberal and what is fascist as being equivalent to each other. In truth, most of the work of this book is accomplished by its title. Since most people have an incomplete idea of what fascism actually is and of its historical antecedents, it’s easy for the author to step in and reinterpret.

Then there are the companies whose sole job is to develop and promote “research” and “polls” which support the position of their employers or, just as good, confuse the issue.

The more important the topic, the more necessary that this motto be pursued: “Mendacium Solum Dicatur, Mendacium Solum Accipiatur, tamen somnium est licitus quoque”: “May only falsehood be spoken, may only falsehood be heard, but nonsense is okay too.” And it cannot be accident … can you pick one instance in this administration where plain handsawn truth, fresh with the smell of simple sawdust, has been dispensed? I can’t.

Black is white, defeat is victory, poverty is prosperity, fraud is commerce — but speaking falsehoods and nonsense is only half the strategy. Truth itself must have its foundations shaken. We would predict that keepers and enforcers of truth, such as scientists, librarians, media, historians, courts and all institutions of oversight have been meddled with, starved or discredited, bought up, sold off, or their overseers replaced with flunkies. And so they have, even to the extent of smearing the relatives of dead soldiers, soldiers whom the administration claims to support. In the rush to attack any truthholder, they switch direction on a dime without any reference to what they may have said or done even hours before.

The fixed refusal to see the log in their own eyes, while decrying the dust mote in others, the complete lack of irony and personal insight, the bizarre ability to name themselves Christians while sidestepping Christ like a beggar in the street and ignoring His direct orders, the inability in economics to do simple addition and subtraction and deny anyone else the authorization to do it … this insanity is focused on disabling the ability of Americans to control the administration or hold malefactors to account for their performance, and as strategies go it is working dandy.

There is one course of study the neo-cons have mastered this century, courtesy of Professor the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. That is “ambition, distraction, uglification and derision”. Reeling, writhing and fainting in coils are options, but washing, as always, is extra.

This post was by Noni Mausa.