ILSM – Whittling a Break

This one is by ILSM

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley,” Robert Burns.

Justifying staying with the escalation, Iraqi and Afghanistan surge scams.

“The gains………..should not be allowed to unravel.” Robert Gates C-SPAN 10 Apr 2008

One of the Kagans demands that withdrawal advocates have to prove the impossible: that the vague bad things that might happen when the US withdraws from Iraq, how fearsome and frightening, are not more costly than continuing the expensive, bloody war with no strategy and no prospects of achieving anything.

Does Kagan write for Gates?

This is common to how D0D excuses worthless weapon system projects where the money is continually wasted because if the useless weapon is not delivered the consequences will be “bleak”. So, like Iraq and Afghanistan, the taxpayers’ money is shoveled into money pits the results are accepting things that do not work, cost too much and break too often. Good thing we do not suffer the bleakness of not buying the useless junk!

Fearsome consequences like shutting down an inept engineering houses are “bleak”.

It is as if you have to ‘prove the money should not be spent’ as opposed to proving the outcome is worth the taxpayers’ money.

This is opposite decent business and economic decision theory. You do not send good money after bad.

See of “Mice and Economics” Dan Seligman, Forbes Magazine Aug 1998, explanatory note here.

Another foundation of the culture of waste in industrial complex waste.

Justify war and the tools of war with faulty economic logic.

The company engineering departments and the Army may as well whittle beaks with your social security trust fund.

This one was by ILSM.