ILSM Looks at Deficit Figures

ILSM looks at the deficit, and has some fun with the “Skeptical Optimist” in the process…

Last year, the “Skeptical Optimist” had suggested the deficit could be zero by April 2008. In March it was around $79B.

I suppose one could not see that the housing bubble would deflate so precipitously.

As of 31 Mar 2008, these were the figures:

Publicly held debt: $5,334B Inc: $74B
Intragov Debt: $4,089B Inc: $5B

It seems the US debt increased by $79B in Mar 2008.
Top 5 Intragov Debt Accounts:

SSTF $2,054B
Civil Service
Retirement $685B
Medicare: $324B
Mil Retirement $220B
SSA Disability $215B
FDIC Deposit Insurance $48.4B For Closing banks!

This post was by ILSM.

One note by cactus. I don’t wander by the Skeptical Optimist site often. Still, something I noticed… I understand why he might call himself an optimist, but the “skeptical” part I just don’t see. I really don’t.