ILSM – The Generals Pile On The KC 145

This one is by ILSM…

In this article by James Wallace in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, we learn that some generals have joined the PR battle on behalf of Northrop, writing to Defense Secretary Gates urging him to stand by the Air Force mistake on the KC-135 replacement.

The generals present only arguments against the protest process none that make any sense about the reasons for the protest.

You will hear about KC 135 corrosion problems – I will assert that the fix of the corrosion is cheap easy and done in a routine depot repair cycle, with the cost of a million or so dollars, decent material management and a few days extra time in the depot.

This argument between military industrialists reminds me of the following I saw over the weekend.

“Hey I can sell newer crap that doesn’t work than he can.” Jeff Huber comment at My Left Wing 30 Mar 08.

How about lining up all the brass to argue for their team against the other team?

Everything is PR!

Do not discuss how a 24% heavier aircraft like the Airbus could be the same acquisition and ownership costs while its added weight is needed only in the new mission of establishing “air bridges” around the world to project US power to the farthest and least hospitable corners of the world.

The reason the US is not airlifting support to Tibet is not that the KC 135 can’t refuel C-17’s, it is that it makes no sense. Won’t make any more sense with the Airbus.

Might as well whittle a beak…

This one was by ILSM.