Charlton Heston on Bumper Stickers

With the death of Charlton Heston the other day, I got to thinking… Back when I lived in the South in the late 1990s, I saw a bunch of vehicles with bumper sticker that read: “My President is Charlton Heston.” I wonder how many of the folks sporting such bumper stickers at the time have found themselves offended over the last seven years by the lack of support GW has been getting from the public at large. My guess is, most of ’em.

Vehicle Decals or car wraps have been in use for a very long time. From small bumper stickers to today’s 3D vehicle decals, this marketing tactic has grown over the years. Still, this type of marketing practice is considered to be a not so important one, to make your own, read here the latest vinyl sticker printer reviews. Businesses today give more focus on mainstream marketing tools like using billboards, tv commercials even social media is now considered an important marketing platform. However, the significance of vehicle branding must not be ignored.

Vehicle branding should not be restricted to brands and businesses that deal with transportation, delivery or road-based services only. Vehicle wraps and decals have been considered an under-rated marketing tactic for quite some time and we plan on explaining why this marketing tool should not be ignored. In this regard, we have shortlisted for you the top 10 benefits that will make you reconsider using vehicle decals as your primary marketing and advertising approach