BoozerGate: A Possible Obama Rebuttal That We’ll Not Likely See

I’m likely going to regret this – but check out the picture in this Roger Simon discussion:

When I saw a video of Hillary Clinton downing a shot of Crown Royal whiskey in Bronko’s Restaurant and Lounge in Crown Point, Ind., on Saturday night, I was delighted to see that she has finally learned what campaigning for president is all about. Last week, Barack Obama went to a private fundraiser in San Francisco and made some semi-coherent remarks about how people in small towns “get bitter” and “cling” to “guns or religion.” Clinton blasted Obama for being “elitist and out of touch.” “I was taken aback by the demeaning remarks Sen. Obama made about people in small-town America,” Clinton said. But Clinton’s statement was not as important as her downing that shot of whiskey.

Oh my – might Team Obama use this picture to paint Senator Clinton as a drunk? I doubt it as Team Obama has more class than the Rovians over at Team Clinton or Rove himself who repeated that Marxist BS.

Hat tip to Matt Yglesias who writes:

Indeed, even Matt Yglesias, certified pointy-headed elite, enjoys a celebratory shot or two every now and again. Meanwhile, a little birdie told me a lot of working class protestant church folk are teetotalers. But who am I to correct Roger Simon, who doubtless has so much working class cred that wine bottles spontaneously combust in his presence.

But once we all sober up – weren’t there some real issues in this Presidential campaign?

Update: Leave it to the son of a Faux News flak to ask:

“Do you think she’s finally resorted to hitting the sauce just because of some unfavorable polling?”