OldVet on Earmarks

This one is by OldVet…

n the midst of a recession and severe crisis in government funding which is producing huge deficits at the Federal level, we find that Senators can’t lop off those earmarks. Can’t or won’t?

Whether you’re generally liberal or generally conservative, there is something grotesque about Bridges to Nowhere. While this country may well need some large spending programs to upgrade and improve our national infrastructure and water systems, there is no “need” – other than selfish self-aggrandizement – for pet projects that do not benefit the entire United States.

Pet projects that lift money from the public Treasury are affronts to the democratic process and equal rights, and divert cash from taxpayers and from more widely useful projects and needs. The election of 2006 was publicized as a way to change the ways of Washington, including the disgusting number of pork barrel earmark projects. The Democrats swore this was their program, and that they would overturn the wasteful practice. They lied.

No wonder the number of citizens who register to vote as Independent is exploding, and will continue to increase. The two political parties are corrupt and it will take a Hercules to clean these stables. In the meantime, every horse that comes out of these stables to run for office is suspect, and rightly so.

”WASHINGTON — Even the entreaties of the three senators running for president weren’t enough to persuade their colleagues Thursday to curb their appetite for earmarks — the practice of designating federal dollars for pet projects.

“Senators soundly rejected a one-year moratorium backed by the presidential hopefuls — Republican John McCain and Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton — even though it put senators from both parties at odds with their presidential contenders.

“The vote — 29 in favor of the proposal, 71 opposed — again demonstrated the enduring popularity of earmarks, even though they have figured prominently in recent congressional scandals, including one that landed former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham of Rancho Santa Fe in prison.

“A number of Republicans believe that the explosion of earmarks while they controlled Congress — from 1,439 in 1995 to nearly 14,000 in 2005 — contributed to their losing the majority in 2006. Now those legislators are attacking the practice to help restore their party’s reputation for fiscal discipline.”

Yoo hoo, Washington! Your behavior is going to have to change.

This one was by OldVet.