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This one is by Noni Mausa…

The “Liberal Fascist Conservative Libertarian Neocon Progressive
Communist Pant Pant Pant…” Definition Scale

Noni Mausa

These labels having to do with styles of government are tossed about like so many crunchy croutons in our discussions, but without anything resembling solid definitions. So we argue back and forth and never get anywhere. We roll up our sleeves in the morning, shout “Tastes great!!” ” Less filling!!” at each other till midnight, and then go to bed, grumbling at our obviously stupid and clueless colleagues.

Life’s too short for mud-wrestling like this. Ipso fatso I invite your preliminary definitions – we can mud-wrestle over them till they suit us, and then hopefully use them as a handy reference.

Some factors I think are necessary to consider are:

Currency and Taxes
Information Control
Children, relatives and marriage
Rule of Law
Death — who gets to administer it without reprisals
Separations – church/state, business/state, church/business
Cui bono – the Gini coefficient
Education and trasining
Freedom of movement of citizens
Freedom of movement of visitors

and I am sure there are more.

Let the delineation begin!

This one was by Noni Mausa.