Liz Holtzman for the VP Slot?

I don’t have strong feelings about the Democratic race. I voted for Hillary in the Dem primary, but frankly, I don’t think she’s half the man her husband was, so to speak, when he ran for office. (I have zero problems with a female President – I just think that it would be nice to have a decent female candidate, just like it would be nice to have a decent male candidate.) As to Obama, he sounds very inspirational, and that counts for a lot, but like Reagan, I’m not sure he’s going to inspire us necessarily in useful directions. (Not that he’ll repeat Reagan’s positions, but there is error on the right and there is error on the left.) My guess at this time… a President Obama would perform about average on some things, just like Reagan, but 20 years later there’d be the same hagiography about him from folks on the left as there is from folks on the right. As to the Reps, I think McCain is simply nuts. And I’m not very pleased with his willingness to kiss up to the same people who demonized him very unfairly during the run for the Republican nomination in 2000. It shows a lack of self-respect, and a willingness to do anything. (I’m actually surprised those same folks are OK with him too.)

Anyway, here is a post, a few days old, by Josh Whalen suggesting that if Obama is the nominee, he should pick Liz Holtzman as VP.

My first reaction, to be honest, was “who?” Holtzman is a New Yorker, the youngest woman ever elected to the House of Representatives (in 1972), and was well-known as a crime fighter. Real Whalen’s post for the pro-argument. What do you think about it? And who do you think Obama should pick if he’s the nominee? Ditto Hillary? And McCain?