Is McCain Telling Me That There’s Lots of Bombing in Manhattan?

OK, we did have one nutcase toss a bomb at a military recruiting station near Grand Central Station. But that was at 3:45 AM and no one was hurt. State of the Day catches John McCain saying this:

“There are problems in America with safe neighborhoods” just like Baghdad. Watch it (and watch how he catches himself, but still can’t put the genie back in the bottle). Funny, I was just reading about the rash of car bombs, suicide bombers, and headless homicides here in city. Maybe it’s time for a “surge” in Manhattan too.

Darn – I thought my new neighborhood was safe. I thought Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC police were doing a great job. If McCain is right, we’ll need a lot of help from the Federal government. But how to pay for the surge of security forces in NYC if a President McCain doesn’t want to raise taxes? Never mind the costs of all those new wars that a President McCain will bring us.