ILSM on the New Air Refueling Tanker

This one is by ILSM…

In comments to my post on the MRAP Movie Guy asked: “Those who oppose the future force structure of DoD are proposing what organizational Troop strength, equipment, and force capabilities?”

I started a reply (also in comments) but I think this is worth a short post… Here’s what I’d like to see…

How about a US military force built on threats, which are met with things that work and don’t cost 3 or 4 times the estimates.

The Air Force just selected the Airbus 330 for its new air refueling tanker. It can carry 37000 Gal (210,000 pounds)of common military aviation fuel. A typical fighter/bomber can expect to get 600 gal in a ‘drink’, and it cannot be too low on gas when meets the tanker. How many situations might require, or is it even possible for a tanker to service or off load fuel into 60 fighter/bombers?

And why buy 197 of these?

The right force structure is one based on real needs, and rational, low cost responses to the actual threats; and not for profits.

That said look at the percent of GDP that EU nations spend and that is a guide to right funding. The EU takes the 3% of GDP the US spends on unneeded arms, empire building, which are built in the most costly manner and provides their citizens social security.

The new USAF Euro tanker is not for passing gas, it is for hauling 220 troopers at a time. The bait is aging but very servicable KC-135 exchanged for people haulers. This will put the civil reserve air fleet (CRAF) out of business. Own a fleet so they don’t have to use CRAF in a rare emergency. How is that for huge cost to not have to activate the CRAF? When was the last large deployment of CRAF??

What will the Airlines do if they lose the maintenance funding they get for keeping airplanes on the CRAF list?

This one was by ILSM.