We Don’t Live in a Meritocracy, Exhibit A

Kudlow this morning:

I’ll be sitting down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with President Bush later this morning in midtown Manhattan. The interview will air tonight on Kudlow & Company


We’ll discuss the economy, oil prices, housing, the credit crunch, Hill-Bama and McCain, the Spitzer scandal, the war on terror and more.

It wasn’t that long ago that Kudlow was prattling incessantly about how the Bush economy was “the greatest story never told”, or at least a “goldilocks economy”. He used both terms in the same paragraph in January. And we’ve had enough posts here at Angry Bear questioning GW’s awareness of how the economy works.

In effect, Kudlow interviewing the President is reminiscent of a high school cheerleader interviewing the school’s quarterback (who she happens to be dating) for the high school newspaper after he’s been sacked five times in a game, all of which follows months of bragging by the two of them about how his footwork makes him unstoppable. I’ll confess a certain morbid curiosity, but not enough to watch it.