Help! Book Needs Increased Bookifying, Reduced Essayification, No Info Overload

Regular readers know I’ve been working on a book with a co-author who will, for the moment, remain nameless. We completed a first draft a month or so ago, and have attracted some interest from a good agent, who will also, for the moment, remain nameless.

The book looks at a range of topics, from economic growth to abortion to crime to wage growth, and ranks presidents on how they did. It also provides a bit of explanation for why we see what we did. Its an approach similar to one I’ve followed on many posts here, and so should look familiar to Angry Bear readers.

But… the agent came back with some comments, and to be honest, I agree with them. So I figured I’d ask for some suggestions on how to deal with the two main (related) problems:

1. Our agent says he felt he was suffering from information overflow. One chapter is fine, two is better, but after a few chapters, its almost too much information.
2. The book reads like a series of unconnected essays, and doesn’t have some backbone that ties it all it together.

So, in effect, we need some sort of connective tissue and narrative that makes it all come together, plus a bit less information. Anyone have any suggestions?