Everyone Got a Tax Cut?

Greg Mankiw seems to like this post:

Rather than populist outcry over “tax cuts for the wealthy,” maybe we need to look at the whole package of consequences that come from tax policy. Is the final objective really to have all taxes paid by the top 1% of society?

With all due respect to Kruse Kronicle, showing only current Federal taxes is just stupid. Didn’t we explain why already?

Fine but that excludes the tax burdens imposed by state and local governments. More importantly, the share of GDP captured by Federal spending hasn’t declined all that much. So what has changed? Oh yea – the reliance on Federal borrowing which has deferred the Federal tax bite but not reduced it.

I would hope someone would remind Kruse that the middle class and poor do pay state and local taxes and that these deferred Federal tax bills aren’t exactly going to be paid by Klingons.