All Three Remaining Presidential Candidates are Turkeys

Someone’s got to say it, and nobody is, so I will: all three remaining presidential candidates are jokes. Bad jokes. That isn’t to say there were good candidates in the race earlier on – perhaps these three really are the best of a bad lot – but let’s call it like it is and note that these are three turkeys. They may be good campaigners, but they don’t seem to be “do-ers” when they get what they’ve been campaigning for.

McCain is a a guy who one day admits he doesn’t have any idea how the economy works, and the next day claims otherwise while proving he doesn’t have any idea how the economy works. He has a temper, is somewhat mentally unstable, and is kowtowing to the folks who made him their bitch eight years ago, which says something about his level of self-respect. The only reason anyone has ever heard of McCain is because his father and grandfather were Admirals. His own primary claim to fame was being a POW. I feel bad for the guy – I can only imagine how bad it must have been to be a POW, but being the survivor of a horrific experience is not a reason to trust a guy with public office.

As to his personality issues, he seems to fly off the handle easily, and its no secret the guy was having a affair with the woman who would become his second wife while still married to his first. (In the birds of a feather department, that second wife has also admitted to, ahem, defrauding a charity to support her drug habit.)

What about Hillary? (Full disclosure – I cast my vote for her in the primaries, though I had so many clothespins on my nose when I did it that I was in pain for a week.) Obviously, she’d have no political career at all if it wasn’t for the Big Dawg, much less moving to a state she never lived in and immediately becoming senator. (WTF was that about?) And still, she apparently isn’t smart enough or has too much of an ego to run on the slogan “Bringing Bill Back Into the White House” – despite a very recent, successful example. I won’t rehash her other negatives – she has plenty, real and imaginary. (And imaginary negatives are real too, because if enough people believe ’em, they must be overcome.)

And then there’s Obama. He does give a good speech. But I’ve listened to a speech or two of his, and I noticed that he doesn’t actually say anything. The one thing he seems to have a bit to say about is Social Security, and there he’s pretty much bought into Republican talking points.

All three are senators, but… what have they done in the Senate? Hilary and Obama , from what I can tell, have done nothing. Sure, they have the excuse of not having been in the Senate long, but since being in the Senate is the summit of their career so far, it isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation for President. Coincidentally, McCain, who has been in the Senate a long time, has also done very, very little. I can think of two things: McCain Feingold and the whole Keating Five affair.

Now, its always possible one of these folks would make a good president. You never know. But I’m not betting on it.